As mentioned early in the About us section, writers aren't just writers anymore. Writers have to be bloggers and social media gods, as well as human on the occasion, and there just isn't enough time in the day to promote yourself, stay organized, and be a first rate author all at the same time. That is where my services come in.I have vast experience as a personal assistant, as I was the executive assistant to the owner and president of a staffing agency for several years. I know what it takes mold my schedule and cater to the needs of another person, and I exercise that flexibility in a very adept and efficient way.

This is a service that is tailor made to each author’s needs, as each other is uniquely different. Examples of services that can be rendered are management of social media accounts, assisting in the upkeep of blogs, organizing and maintain street teams, organizing blog tours, planning and hosting Facebook events and scheduling the slots for guest authors as well as ensuring the attendance of the readership, placing ads at the various hot spots on the web for maximum exposure, and even doing clerical work to keep you organized such as organizing online cloud files or making spreadsheets for different purposes.

These things and many more can all be handed over to me with the utmost faith that you hard work will be cared for greatly in my hands, and that you can get back to what you signed up to do. Write. These are also paid services that can be bundled and added to however the buyer sees fit. I will do everything I can to make whatever you need work.


Should you be interested in my V.A. services, please reach me via the contact form on the contact page with the subject line reading Virtual Assistance Inquiry. I will be happy to talk with you and flesh out exactly it is that you are looking for, and what I can do to help you. It will be at that time we will discuss rates. I look forward to hearing from you!