Let's face it. Promotion for Indie books is time consuming. How are you supposed to write while also being your own PR agent? Well fret no more, because I have several different tactics that will not only take the pressure off of you, but yield excellent results. 

I have worked on and been successful with several different approaches to promoting the work of an author, whether they are self-published, or went through a publishing company. I do this by way of social media platforms. For each platform, I have a different strategy, all of which have been used and tested not simply effective, but extremely beneficial. I have had great success with all of my methods, each assisting in propelling my author's work into the reader's view. 

I am aware the the writing world can be a very fickle place, and it is no less fickle than in the area of PR. What approach works for one author, does not nearly yield the same results for another. In my experience, the author usually has a good idea of where their books should be seen, but if that is not the case, no need to worry. After a short conversation I can easily diagnose where your work would best thrive. 

Below you will find a form asking of what platform you would like me to present a proposal to you for. I suggest picking more than one, so that you can compare and contrast what would work best for you. It is in these proposals that I will discuss rates. If you pick more than one proposal and ask for more than 15 hours, a bundle package will be available for you. I look forward to hearing from you and presenting you with my promotional services.