Perfect Contradiction by Peggy Martinez

Title: Perfect Contradiction

Series:  The Contradiction Series #2

Author:   Peggy Martinez

Published:   July 14th, 2015

Publisher:  Crimson Tree Publishing

Genre:  NA Contemporary Romance

Content Warning:   Minor Violence, sexual references

Recommended Age:  17+

Jennifer Collins is finally beginning to heal after losing her mother to cancer. It’s been a long road with scary turns, but her best friend Beth helped her through the darkest moments. But now Beth has gone and gotten herself hitched, and Jen can’t help but feel like she’s all alone once again.

When Hunter Wright comes strolling back into town after leaving her behind without so much as a see ya later when she needed him the most, Jen suddenly realizes she isn’t as over him as she thought she was. And perhaps she never would be.

But things are complicated now, and Jen has a secret that makes it impossible for her to throw caution to the wind and fall back into the arms of the man who broke her heart. Sometimes, a new beginning, a new life, and a new outlook can mean so much more than understanding and forgiveness. Sometimes it can mean putting faith in someone who has the ability to hurt you or the ability to make you whole. Jen knows more than anyone that love can be such a… Perfect Contradiction.


It was 2am and my bed was covered in piles of work a at least a dozen tabs are open on my computer. With deadlines looming and responsibilities demanding my attention, the last thing I felt like I could do was press pause and open up a book. However, my review for said book was due very soon for the book tour, and while I had procrastinated like a champion, the looming deadline was starting to stress me out. So with every intention of powering through this book, I opened it up and dove right in. In retrospect, I probably should not have started this book so late, because once I got passed the first few pages, I was no longer in my room surrounded in my room, but rather was blissfully content in Salem, Missouri watching the lives of Jennifer Collins, Hunter Wright, and the many other colorful characters that comprise the world that is Perfect Contradiction.

I am just going to start out by saying I love this book. Everything about it is flawless to me. The characters are believable and endearing, even in their misguided moments. The plot was seamless and easy to follow. I didn’t have to think about what I was reading, and instead was able to let my eyes float across the page and enjoy the ride. However, while it was an easy read, it was not predictable, which is something I very much appreciated. It is clear that Peggy Martinez took great care in crafting every aspect of this novel, and this is a labor that is most certainly covered in love and talent.

Jen is a character I can absolutely relate to. Having grown up in a southern, religious home, many of the attributes that Jen possesses are the same attributes that either run through my own veins, or through the veins of one of my kin. She cooks when she is angry, she never has an idle moment, and she always knows how to put a good ol’ southern smile on her face, even when that is the last thing she wants to be doing. In turn, Hunter is plain and simple, one of the good ole boys as we like to call them. Raised by a preacher and a hard working but loving mother, he knows all the right things to do and say, but doesn’t always exercise that knowledge. Without meaning to, he sometimes falters at the most crucial moment, and while this could make him a villain to some, it made him human to me.

The situational artistry in this book is fantastic. Martinez does and impeccable job of creating an authentic, sweet southern romance without making that theme feel forced. Every detail was sincere, not put on like it so easily could have been. Even the dialogue was crafted in a way that was believable, and I am not ashamed to say that I heard that entire book with the most pleasant southern accent that exists. What she has created is a world in which every southerner feels they could have lived through, but further it is a world that everyone, regardless of region can relate to. There was more than one occasion where I pictured my own town in the place of Salem, and my own townsfolk were soon speaking the words that Martinez penned. I was specifically tickled at the church scenes with the clucking rumor mill. Just too perfect.

Emotionally this book took me by surprise. I was not expecting to connect so strongly with these characters and become so invested in their well-being. I felt that I really knew these characters in a way I have not experienced many times before. Perhaps it was because I could easily interchange them with people I know and love fiercely, or maybe it was because it depicted a deep seated dream of a life I have always wanted. A life that is filled with love, honesty, and joy, but mostly with twists and turns that I could have never anticipated. This was a book about taking life as it comes, and rising to the occasion. My smile was accompanied by both laughter and tears throughout this journey, and I loved every moment.

It only took me four hours to read this book because I could not put it down. Clearly I give this book 5 out of 5 stars and I have no shame in being cliché and saying it is PERFECT. So even though I stayed up all night and I still have tons of work to do, I have already downloaded the first book in the series (they can be read as standalones and therefore out of order) and fully intend on reading it immediately. 

“Let me help you with that,” Hunter murmured near my ear. I stiffened as he tied my apron for me and stepped back. I turned slowly, my eyes traveling from the fine cut of his tuxedo up to find his eyes on me. He was soaking me in, for once not guarding his emotions as he devoured the sight of me standing there in my kitchen, barefoot with my momma’s old apron covering my pretty dress. 

“What are you doing, Hunter?” I asked wearily. The shutters came down once again and he took another step back and loosened his stance into nonchalance. He shrugged.

“Just came to help you out. I’m not big on crowds.” I raised a brow. So, he wanted to help me in the kitchen. I could deal with that. I could pretend like nothing had ever happened between us, that we hadn’t spent the two most wonderful nights of my life in each other’s arms. I could pretend that I hadn’t suffered a broken heart because I’d thought we’d had something special between us. Yeah, I could do that. Absolutely.

Peggy Martinez is a full time Author who has over a dozen published works, including the Time Warper Series, the State of Decay Trilogy, the Contradiction Series, the Reapers Grimm Series, her middle grade Super Zero Series, and various novellas and serials.

When not writing, Peggy can be found homeschooling her teen son and four daughters. You may also find her packaging hundreds of boxes for her monthly box subscription business she founded just for readers! (Lit-Cube) She could also be spotted reading, making soap, dabbling in aromatherapy, watching gangster movies, prepping for the zombie apocalypse, or downing insane amounts of Twizzlers and Kazoozles. Oh yeah… and day dreaming about owning a small homestead or taking a dream vacation to Greece, Scotland, & Ireland. She could totally be doing that.