The Beginning Of Never by O.E. Boroni

The Beginning of Never by O.E. Boroni

Published: April 20, 2015

Publisher: Waves Corporation

Pages: 326 

When Lenora Baker and Nathan Roqué run into each other in their boarding school courtyard, they have no idea that they are about to begin a journey that will take them the rest of their lives to recover from. Both scarred from parents who were once in love but ended up destroying each other, they are sworn off the possibility that there can truly exist a love that will never end. 

But when with each other they find a passion so strong that it heals as powerfully as it burns, a love that will run out is no longer an option for them. Together, they discover just how far they are willing to go to preserve what they know they will only find once in their lifetime. 

This is the start of their journey, and here you will come to realize, that falling in love is only the first part of the story...


The last thing Lenora Baker was looking for was love. Wracked with anger, confusion and guilt toward her mother’s abrupt passing, it is all she can do just to keep herself together and out of trouble. But soon it becomes apparent that no matter how hard she tries to hide and how aloof she appears to be, both love and trouble are headed her way, and his name was Nathan Roqué.

The story follows these two characters as they try to navigate their own lives while testing the possibility of living life in tandem. This is not your typical love story full of flowery words and happy endings, but rather a stark depiction of how love can really unfold. Wrapped in tragedy, insecurities, and uncertainty, Nora and Nathan try their best to give of themselves and be what the other needed, yet they always came up short. This story was advertised as a sweet love story, and on that basis I was left wanting.

I found it incredibly difficult to like these characters. While I empathized with Nora and her frustration with suffering a sudden loss which drove her into the arms of anyone that offered anything remotely resembling acceptance, I wished that she would have wanted more for herself. I was heartened when she had moments of standing up for herself, but just as quickly I found her reverting back to chasing a boy whom she knew nothing of and treated her poorly simply because he was attractive and the object of everyone’s affection.

As much as I wanted to like Nathan, as a whole I wanted more from him. I tried to harken him to Mr. Darcy or Beast from Beauty and the Beast, but I couldn’t get past the fact that he knowingly hurt Nora without first explaining his reasoning.

I did however appreciate the truthfulness to the story and enjoyed the story itself. It was an easy read and the arch flowed nicely. It was something I was able to read without effort, and sometimes that is nice. What has piqued my interest is the premise surrounding the second installment of the series. I feel as a whole body of work, this will be much more comprehensible than simply this half of the story along. It feels like I am reviewing only half of the story and am left without vital information to give any marks in one direction or the other.

Having said this, I give this 3 out of 5 stars. The story feels incomplete, because in essence it is. I hope to read the second book of this series so that I can make a solid verdict. The premise shows incredible promise, and I suspect the body of work as a whole will be something very special.