Book Blitz for My Buddhist Christmas by Jeremy Phillips

My Buddhist Christmas

by Jeremy Phillips

Release Date: 9/8/15

It’s not surprising that sixteen year old Chris Jones has no idea where he fits in...

After all, he’s a Buddhist kid in America—during the Christmas season. Add in the fact he plays guitar in a punk rock band called The Dharma Bhumz, and his life is one giant paradox. Caught between the principles of his religion and the influence of his hard-partying bandmates, Chris isin a constant struggle for balance.

An upcoming talent show is his chance to shine—or fail spectacularly... It’s already hard enough preparing for the show, since his friends are more interested in getting high than practicing. And now Chris has to worry about impressing pretty Mary Simpson. To make matters even worse, Mary’s parents are fundamentalist Christi ans, a few steps above his family on the social ladder, and they firmly believe Chris isn’t good enough for their precious daughter.

Conflicted about his friends, lying to his family, and still mourning a devastating loss, Chris wonders if being an American Buddhist guitar wizard wanna-be is worth it.

Or does any of it even matter anymore?

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“So doesn’t it bother you?”

I shudder, thinking of ending up like one of the various invalids that my father takes care of. Not to run and play anymore, or even to have proper control of your own bowels. Perhaps it would be better to lose your mind, like the one old fellow

I’d seen earlier, staring blindly off into space. Only, perhaps that would be worse.

All of a sudden, I realize that what’s been bothering me is the Buddha’s so-called First Noble

Truth, the one that set him onto the path of trying to find Enlightenment—Awakening, Satori, that type of stuff—in the first place. This is the First Noble Truth set into flesh, in the bodies of a hundred different examples, scattered in the building all around me. The Truth of Suffering, that all who are born will come to suffer, at least once in their lifetime, from the unhappy triple curse of sickness, old age, and death.

My first novel will be available on September 8th, 2015. It's a Young Adult fiction story called: My Buddhist Christmas

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