Book Blitz for Pushing Send by Ally Derby and Jacqueline Ross

Pushing Send by Ally Derby & Jacqueline Ross
Publication date: August 8th 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult

Fitting in has never been something fifteen-year-old Hadley Asher ever aspired to. Three schools in one year brings unwanted and unwelcome attention to a girl like Hadley who only wants to blend in.

After her family moves from Buffalo, NY to the small, upper-class town of Blue Valley in Central New York, Hadley’s next door neighbor Lana quickly befriends her, the two becoming nearly inseparable. However, Paxton Jamison, Lana’s stepbrother and the boy with the brilliant blue eyes, has to step in to help Hadley deal with Lana, who is hard to handle on a good day.

When an unprecedented scandal and tragedy strike the small community, Hadley becomes its focus, its target. As a result, the girl who hides in books and wants to blend in with the background finds breathing is nearly impossible.

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Writing as a Mother / Daughter team

The writing process itself was amazing. One of us would write what we knew the other would fill in what they did.  We laughed, and even cried together. 

It made us closer. Writing with Ally was like working with an adult, then enter edits and the marketing off the book. She doesn’t know that side so she really wasn’t into it, lol. She’s eleven and that is totally understandable. 

It’s been one crazy summer for sure, but the day the proofs came in the mail of the paperback copies and seeing the joy in tear form, well that is a memory I will never ever forget.

When we read reviews together she smiles as if this is unbelievable to her because it sort of is, I mean hello she’s eleven and she truly poured her heart and soul into this book. 

She is excited to move onto the next part of our Socially Screwed project but needs a break and she certainly deserves one.

Her break starts release week, where she will be out on the field with a stick in her hand playing field hockey.

Ally Derby lives in upstate New York in a small town. She is a middle school student,who loves field hockey, music, books, family and God. 
She has no problem sticking up for what she feels is right, regardless of the social ramifications and that doesn't always go over well. 
She is also a fierce fangirl, and loves to role play on Instagram as @firefandoms. 
Her favorite book genre is young adult dystopian. Her favorite book series include, The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, The Divergent series, The Maze Runner, and The Selection series.
Other books she devours are anything John Green, and Gayle Foreman.
Her books are her life and when Ally gets in trouble at home, her mother grounds her from books, *gasp*

Jacqueline Ross is an author, and mother to Ally. She reads almost everything Ally does and enjoys the romance genre.
She is 'one of those moms'. Meaning she is overprotective and pushes Ally to do her best at everything she does.

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