Thank you so much for your expressed interest in the Book Review and Author Solutions website, The Moral of Our Stories. I strive to do my very best to maintain a very classy and enjoyable atmosphere, while still allowing us to all remember what it is that we love about stories, which is this: We want to walk away affected. We want to carry a piece of it in our heart. And we want for it to somehow shape and reveal the very moral of our own stories. 

This website is a multi-purpose website whose central focus is on the very heart of story making. Sometimes that means reading a review on a book that you would have never picked up before, or hearing the story of an author and how they arrive at the imaginative worlds that they create for us every day.

But this site is not just for the reader. It is also where the author can expect to find a hallowed place to hang their quill and just relax for a little while. 

Here the author will find an atmosphere where their books are read and understood with clear and concise comprehension, never fearing that the purpose of their story will be hidden. Each book submitted for review will be considered at great lengths in order to ensure that I am the right person to interpret it’s story.

This ensures that it is also a place where you as any author know you shall receive the utmost truth about your works. My opinions cannot be bought, which is why I have a very strict no payment policy for services rendered concerning reviews. The only compensation I require is a reviewer’s copy of the book, and if you feel so lead, a promotional feedback blurb that will allow me to know if the way I am running by business is efficient or lacking. From these suggestions, the moral of this site will only strengthen.

My authors will also have to opportunity to share of themselves in a Meet the Author type forum, where you can either choose to introduce an article,  spotlight piece, or an interview piece. All of these options can be for individual publicity or as a stop on a book tour. This way the readers not only get to know the imagination of the author, but the heart. 

I also offer services as a Virtual Assistant and Promotional Assistant. Let’s be honest. Writers aren't just writers anymore. Writers have to be bloggers and social media gods, as well as human on the occasion, and there just isn't enough time in the day to promote yourself, stay organized, and be a first rate author all at the same time. That is where my services come in. This is a service that is tailor made to each author’s needs, as each is uniquely different. 

This entire aside, this site is to remind us all that we have a story worth telling. Here there should be no boundaries between the author and the reader, because each of us is constantly telling our own story. I like to think that this is a celebration of the lives that we are given, not the lives that we wish we had. It is a place where we can come and escape our trouble in the pages of another realm, away from the strife and worry that can sometimes overpower our plot, but I also hope that it is a place where we can see examples of bravery, heroism, and above all hope and these examples do not just live within the pages we have all gathered around to admire. They live inside our hearts. Some say that the only kind of life worth living is one worth writing about. But I beg to differ. I believe that the only kind of life worth living is one that knows that when it comes to its very last page, everyone will have known the moral of our stories. 

I so hope that you fall in love with this place I have created just as much as I have, and that you will want to be a part of it. Whether you simply submit your book for my review, take advantage of every service I have, or are a fellow reader who just needs a sliver of meaning that day. I welcome you to The Moral Of Our Stories, and I hope that you will want to carve out a small place in your life for it to dwell.


Courtney Whittamore

Owner, Operator and Founder

The Moral of Our Stories